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NY Jets: A look to free agency

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

The NFL is now focused on the offseason. The Jets’ focus has been there for over a month. Now everybody is looking to 2018. The Super Bowl is completed. The Eagles had their parade.

On Thursday, Jimmy Garoppolo signed a record-setting contract to stay with the San Francisco 49ers. Garoppolo technically decided to forego free agency, but the franchise tag was looming if he did not sign a long-term deal with the Niners.

On today’s podcast we talk a little bit about free agency. Garoppolo was never a viable option for the Jets, but his contract could have implications for the team. The deal will help to set the market for other free agent quarterbacks. Among them is Kirk Cousins, a player the Jets will likely target in free agency. We also will look at other aspects of free agency, such as comments made by Le’veon Bell and which player should be a top Jets target.