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49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo agree to record contract. Does it set parameters for the Jets and other teams to negotiate with Kirk Cousins?

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

Mike Garofalo reports quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers have agreed to a record-setting contract.

Adam Schefter provides more details.

The guarantees are also through the roof.

Nobody ever expected Garoppolo to hit free agency so this deal doesn’t impact the Jets in the sense he was ever a viable option. The franchise tag was a fallback option the 49ers certainly would have taken.

The Jets are, however, expected to be a suitor for free agent Kirk Cousins, and this deal might help set the market.

The details show the large amount of money it takes to lock up a quality quarterback in today’s NFL. If anything, Cousins might command an even bigger deal for two reasons.

  1. Garoppolo has a spectacular 6-0 record as an NFL starter, but his track record is only 6 starts. Cousins has 3 full quality seasons under his belt.
  2. Cousins will be part of a competitive bidding process. More than one team will have a chance to compete for his services. When demand goes up, so does price. The 49ers certainly didn’t want to use the franchise tag on Garoppolo. Cousins’ situation with Washington shows the pitfalls for team going year to year with a quarterback. Still, that fallback option existed and gave the Niners some degree of leverage this year. If Garoppolo was going to sign anywhere long-term, San Francisco was his only option. There was only one team capable of demanding his services. That won’t be the case with Cousins.