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Thoughts on a Nick Foles fit with the Jets

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NFL: Super Bowl LII-Winning Team Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles is suddenly one of the hottest names in the NFL after a spectacular postseason where he led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win. Foles capped off a stunning run by outdueling Tom Brady and denying the living legend a sixth championship.

Foles also has virtually no chance of being the long-term starting quarterback for the Eagles. The team has another quarterback who played at an MVP level this season. Carson Wentz is expected to return for 2018, which means Foles will have to look elsewhere if he wants a starting job. There are no guarantees Foles will even be available as he is under contract for 2018, and there are strong incentives for Philadelphia to keep him in place.

On today’s podcast, we explore the Foles situation. While it is not a lock that Foles will even be available we will discuss whether he would make sense for the Jets to pursue.