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What Kirk Cousins thinks about the Jets

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SiriusXM At Super Bowl LII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Free agent to be quarterback Kirk Cousins appeared on NFL Live on Friday and discussed his thoughts on the Jets as a potential bidder for his services.

Prospective free agent Kirk Cousins, appearing on ESPN’s “NFL Live,” gave his assessment of the Jets as a potential landing spot. “With the Jets, the first thing that stands out is Jeremy Bates has a connection to coach [Mike] Shanahan,” he said. “Both Mike, Kyle [Shanahan], that whole system I played in. Sean McVay comes from that tree. I just think so highly of them as play callers, as offensive gurus if you will. Because Jeremy comes from that tree, it would be exciting to think about working with someone like that, knowing how important Xs and Os and game planning is and having the right play caller.”

Every public statement Cousins makes between now and the time he signs with a team will be heavily scrutinized. I would expect Cousins to praise every team with a need at quarterback. He has every incentive to make it seem like he is interested in multiple teams.

We don’t really know what Cousins’ biggest motivation is. Is it money? Is it a chance to win? Is it respect? Is it an offensive system?

Nobody really knows. It probably won’t hurt the Jets to be installing a system Cousins has comfort with should they decide to pursue him.