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Bill Parcells: I don’t have anything against the Jets

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25th Anniversary Celebration Of The 1986 New York Giants Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage

ESPN’s newest 30 for 30 feature, The Two Bills, aired this week. It chronicles the relationship between legendary coaches Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick. Much of the filming took place in MetLife Stadium. In a scene near the end the duo refused to go into the Jets locker room. Belichick worked for Parcells on the Jets coaching staff from 1997 through 1999 before famously resigning minutes before a press conference in early 2000 where he was about to be promoted to head coach.

Parcells told Rich Cimini the actions were not a sign of ill will for the Jets on his end.

“Here’s what happened,” he said. “We’d been there for quite a while and we knew we were pretty much done with the interview. They were just wanting to get more footage. Bill had a car waiting for him and I was ready to go. I remember, he was anxious to go and so was I, really.


“I never had a problem with the Jets,” he said. “Listen, you know, I’m hoping Todd (Bowles) does well. He’s one of my guys.”

Belichick famously despises the Jets so one can assume ill will did play a role in not wanting to enter that locker room.