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NY Jets podcast: New running back philosophy necessary

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Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

For close to a decade, it seems like the Jets have had one philosophy at the running back position. They have targeted old, big name running backs. This is not simply a Mike Maccagnan thing. It also happened during the days of Mike Tannenbaum and John Idzik.

In 2010, Tannenbaum signed the legendary LaDainian Tomlinson from the Chargers to be what he hoped would be one of the final pieces of a Jets Super Bowl puzzle. Four years later, Idzik brought in former 2,000 yard rusher Chris Johnson to help push the Jets into the Playoffs. Two years later, Maccagnan signed former Bears star Matt Forte for the same reason.

None of these moves worked terribly well. (Tomlinson was nowhere near as productive as you might remember.) Beyond that, these signings had implications that hurt the team. Younger, better running backs were either discarded or had their playing time limited.

On today’s podcast we talk about the need for the Jets to change their approach at the position. Instead of seeking out the biggest name, it is time to look for younger and cheaper options with more upside.