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Jets Film Mashup: Eric Tomlinson is a Beast, O-Line Struggles and More

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NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

With months of football-less days ahead of us, I’ve spent some time taking deeper dives into the 2017 Jets, getting a better perspective on which players were truly contributing the most to both the team’s successes and its failures. I’ve put out many of my findings in GIF form over on Twitter. Here, I’ll take a look at a mishmash of GIFs I compiled, and I’ll be looking to get out a few more of these mashups over the course of the offseason. I think mixing up games and players in one post is an interesting, exotic way to take in the film, but let me know your thoughts on the format.

Let’s take a look at some plays.

The Jets had a horrendous offensive outing on the Gulf Coast, arguably their worst performance on that side of the ball that was fully led by Josh McCown. The offensive line was a major reason why. Let’s look at one exception, though. Eric Tomlinson takes matters into his own hands and carves out some yards for Elijah McGuire here. I think Tomlinson is perhaps the team’s most underappreciated player.

Now, let’s look at a more typical play from Tampa Bay. 4 of the 5 offensive linemen are smoked here, save for Brandon Shell. Brian Winters is eaten up by Gerald McCoy and gets called for a hold despite still giving up a hit. Wesley Johnson gets tossed to the ground like the crumbs on your shirt. James Carpenter and Kelvin Beachum get carried into McCown’s lap on a double team. Yikes.

Robby Anderson developed into more than a deep threat. Here, in the Week 6 Patriots game at MetLife, he gets Malcolm Butler to bite hard on this inside move, leaving him in the dust and getting himself plenty of room towards the sideline.

Robby had already blown by Butler on a go route the previous snap. McCown comes up too short. He rushed the throw a bit, but Matt Forte gave up a little pressure that could have had an effect.

Teams allocate extra attention to Leonard Williams quite a bit. This play tells you why. Leo simply removes the obstruction in between him and the ballcarrier and makes the play. If he doesn’t dominate this matchup, there’s enough room for this to be a solid run or better.

Jamal Adams had his share of struggles covering tight ends, giving up a score to Gronk in this very game, but here’s a demonstration of his outstanding potential in that area. Adams is on this route before Gronk makes his turn for the ball and makes tackling one the most untackleable (new word) players in the league look easy.

Elijah McGuire ran for a measly 3.6 yards per carry this season, less than Matt Forte. I was under the impression that he was better than that mark suggested, but after watching more in-depth I think McGuire definitely has work to do to become an efficient runner. This play is an exception. He cuts this ball upfield towards the hole and reverses the play, two things he didn’t do enough of on a consistent basis. Give some credit to Winters, Tomlinson, and Kelvin Beachum for key wins on this play as well.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the film mashup? Any specific film breakdown requests?


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