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NY Jets podcast: Reaction to David Harris’ retirement; Blake Bortles’ extension

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Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Today’s podcast focuses on a couple of pieces of news from the weekend.

One deals with the Jets’ past. Linebacker David Harris announced his retirement from the NFL. Harris spent ten of his eleven NFL seasons with the Jets. A 2007 second round pick out of Michigan, he was seldom flashy but did his job consistently well for the team. A look at the Jets’ recent second round history shows why Jets fans should have a deep appreciation for his contributions to the team.

The other piece of news deals indirectly with the Jets’ present and future. Jacksonville extended quarterback Blake Bortles’ contract. While this is mainly a Jaguars story, it does have some implications for the Jets. A number of people figured Jacksonville could move on from Bortles and offer free agent Kirk Cousins a compelling landing spot. The Jaguars are now locked into another year of Bortles so the Jets have one less competitor in the free agent arena.

We will talk Harris, Bortles, and broad team building theories on this Monday podcast.