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Were the Scouting Reports Right? - Jordan Jenkins

NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, everyone! To continue our series reviewing the predraft scouting reports of past Jets draft picks, let’s move on to the team’s third selection of the 2016 draft, outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins. Previously we checked out the scouting reports of 2016 first-round pick Darron Lee (see it here) and second-round pick Christian Hackenberg (see it here), and the responses weren’t pretty. Has Jenkins been closer to what we expected?

From, here is the list of Jenkins’ perceived strengths entering the draft.

Very aware of what is happening around him. Has a high football IQ and has understanding of down, distance and tendencies. Physical at the point of attack and sets a strong edge. Has desired thickness and play strength to hold up against NFL edge blockers and freakishly long arms and big hands for his size. Won’t sit on blocks and uses powerful hands to shed and get into the action. Has played standing and with a hand in the dirt and can handle himself in zone coverage. Team captain. Brings a pro-­ready play demeanor to the field each Saturday.

What seems right?

  • Wow. I think this absolutely spot-on. If I were listing the strengths of the Jenkins that has suited up for the Jets, this is almost exactly how I’d envision it looking. Smart. Physical. Tough. Gritty. Edge setter. All these terms that I’d use to describe Jenkins today were among the positive traits we were expecting when the Jets selected him.

What seems off?

  • As previously mentioned, I can’t say that Jenkins has proved himself undeserving of any of the praise listed in this section.

Here is the list of his weaknesses.

Not a dynamic pass rusher. Has some knee stiffness in his rush and won’t out-­athlete many NFL tackles. Upright play limits his speed-­to-­power effectiveness as a bull-­rusher. Average upfield explosion off the snap. Did not impress against Alabama. Dealt with a nagging groin injury this season.

What seems right?

  • Like the previous section, this is spot-on. For all of the intangibles Jenkins brings to the table, he’s not going to be stacking up pass-rushing numbers on the edge like Melvin Ingram or Joey Bosa. Pass-rushing is just not something he can do at a high level, and his incapability in this area has a pretty strong effect on the team’s overall pass-rush ability considering the amount of playing time on the edge he gets. Ideally, the Jets find a player to compliment him with dynamite pass-rushing ability.

What seems off?

  • Injuries haven’t seemed to bother him too much. He’s played 30 of 32 possible games, including all 16 in 2017.

Poll Choice: Choice 3 (Play style and performance both what I expected)

Jordan Jenkins seemed like a “safe” pick, the type of guy you expect to contribute solidly right away, but do not expect to hit a high ceiling down the line. So far, he has been exactly as advertised. You like having a player of his ilk on the field, with his toughness and discipline. The production he’s brought out of the gate has been a decent value for a third round pick. He just is not a good pass rusher, and that’s a hole in the defense on every snap he plays. Altogether, Jenkins is a solid role-playing starter, a good presence, and a fine third round selection, but you have some upgrading to do if he is your best player on the edge.


Is Jordan Jenkins the kind of player you thought he was?

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  • 23%
    Yes, he’s what I expected skillset-wise, and beat my expectations performance-wise
    (100 votes)
  • 10%
    Yes, he’s what I expected skillset-wise, but fell short of my expectations performance-wise
    (46 votes)
  • 59%
    He’s the type of player I thought he was and performed almost exactly as well as I expected
    (256 votes)
  • 3%
    No, he’s not what I expected skillset-wise, but in a good way; he beat my performance expectations
    (15 votes)
  • 3%
    No, he’s not the type of player I thought he was, and he is also worse than I thought
    (14 votes)
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