Whiskey Slick's 2 RD Mock - 2.0

Below is the direct link to my second and last pre combines mock draft.

3.0 will come after the combines, perhaps after the pro days too.

In this version I have the Jets leaping Denver, from 6 to 4, for our early 3, which exceeds chart value. I realize I have them leaping Denver when it doesn't even seem necessary, for a polarizing QB to say the least, when we can stand pat at #6 and still get Mayfield or Rosen, but I believe in the player I drafted, a lot, and I can't say the same about the other guy. I have serious doubts about the other guy, so I wouldn't risk losing the QB I traded up for. Don't forget to see RD 2 as well, where the Jets still have two selections.

I also understand that Cleveland might say the hell with the chart, you need to give us one of those two 2nd RD Picks if you want to move up to 4. I would hate to lose one of those picks, but if thats what it takes to finally secure our franchise QB, and I do believe Mayfield is a FQB waiting to happen, then I would still pull the trigger. But for the sake of this mock I'm using the chart, in which case there's a 200 Points difference between 4 (1800) and 6 (1600). Our early 3 is worth 230 Points, 30 above chart value.

So without further ado, link below:


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