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Scouting The 2018 NFL Draft: 7 Round Jets Mock Part 2

Drew (@DrewFromJersey) and I are back! Here is our post All-Star Game/Pre Combine Mock

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1

Josh Jackson - CB - 6’1” - 220 lbs - Junior - Iowa

Mock Part 1: Harold Landry - Edge - 6’3” - 250 lbs - Senior - Boston College

Once again Drew and I are mocking as if we have locked down Kirk. This opens up the draft to just about everything. We decided to go with the best pure cornerback in our eyes. We love Fitzpatrick, but as far as being the best pure corner, that is not him. With Maye and Adams at safety, we already have a pair of versatile guys. Fitz is special, but a little redundant in most aspects. Jackson has it all. He has the size, the physicality, the ball skills and the speed that will translate right away in the NFL. Our defense could use a ballhawking corner that can hold up in man coverage.

Round 2

Frank Ragnow - Center - 6’5” - 305 lbs - Senior - Arkansas

Mock Part 1: Frank Ragnow - C - 6’5” - 317 lbs - Senior - Arkansas

Now that we have Cousins in this scenario, we need to protect him. For now, Beachum and Shall make decent bookends. It’s the interior of our O-line that we need to revamp. Carpenter and Winters have proven they can be decent if not solid guards in man blocking schemes. They were also hampered by horrible play at center. This position needs to be addressed this offseason. Just like in our first mock, we are sticking with the best center in the draft. Ragnow has been the most consistent and most dominant center the last two years.

Round 2 (Seattle Pick)

Ronald Jones II - RB - 6’0” - 200 lbs - Junior - USC

Mock Part 1: Rashaad Penny - RB - 5’11” - 220 lbs - Senior - San Diego State

Penny is still my favorite running back in the class, but this draft is filled to the brim with backs that have a high probability of turning heads at the next level. This spot will be a rotation of these exceptional backs leading up to the draft. Following the death of his father Ronald Jones blossomed into the humble, explosive back we have today, and he has a work ethic to match. Jones has great size, speed, burst, vision and balance. Combined, these traits make him a very dangerous weapon.

Round 3

Duke Ejiofor - Edge - 6’3” - 275 lbs - Senior - Wake Forest

Mock Part 1: Kameron Kelly - CB/S - 6’2” - 200 lbs - Senior - San Diego State

Here we are, another offseason and we still don’t have an edge rusher that can consistently find his way to the QB. Maybe this is the year we find one. If we wait for the 3rd round to grab one, Drew and I want Duke Ejiofor here. He is a very technically sound edge rusher that wins just as much with intelligence as he does with physical skill. His violent hands and first step put him at an immediate advantage. Where he surpasses similar players is with his pass rush moves and the way he sequences them to get maximum effectiveness. Duke is the kind of edge rusher that goes under the radar and explodes at the next level.

Round 4

Kyle Lauletta - QB - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - Richmond

Mock Part 1: Michah Kiser - LB - 6’2” - 240 lbs - Senior - Virginia

Who read our first mock draft and just glanced over this guy? We mentioned that we wanted him to stay under the radar, but that’s not happening. After the Senior Bowl, Lauletta was on everyone’s mind. Lauletta saw a chance to get noticed and he grabbed that opportunity by the horns. He showed great poise and accuracy in his limited touches in the game, but it was no surprise to those that saw him practice in the week leading up to it. We still want him backing up Cousins, we just can’t mock him as a late round guy anymore. We have a feeling Round 4 will probably be too low come April.

Round 5

Justin Jones - DT/DE 6’2” -300 lbs - Senior - North Carolina State

Mock Part 1: Cody O’Connell - G - 6’9” - 368 lbs - Senior - Washington State

We fully expect Wilkerson to be cut sooner rather than later. A new, solid addition to our defensive front would would go a long way to forgetting that cancerous contract. We love big guys that are quick twitch dudes with the athleticism to shoot gaps and chase down plays. Jones can do that and more. Justin is as stout as they come, and can anchor at the point of attack. The addition of Jones could bring us back to a time where we force teams to pass on us.

Round 6

Cole Madison - OG/OT 6’5” - 307 lbs - Senior - Washington State

Mock Part 1: Kyle Lauletta - QB - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - Richmond

We could use some depth along our offensive line, or at least add some competition to the depth we have. Madison played primarily RT at Washington State, but could be kicked inside at the next level. Madison wins with quickness and positioning. With how fast interior defenders are these days. A little speed inside could go a long way. Madison can also play outside in a pinch.

Round 7

Jake Wieneke - WR - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - South Dakota State

Mock Part 1: Jake Wieneke - WR - 6’4” - 215 lbs - Senior - South Dakota State

We are all about taking late round fliers on guys that know how to play football at a high level, no matter how big their school is. Jake Wieneke is a playmaker. He might not run in the low 4.4’s but he is big, knows how to get separation with savy rout running and has big, strong hands to catch those Allen Cousins bullets. Adding more talent at a skill position is not a bad thing.

Possible Depth Chart

  • *Indicates Free Agent Signing
  • ** Indicates A Drafted Player