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Jets statements on David Harris’ retirement

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Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Former Jets linebacker David Harris announced his retirement on Friday. A second round pick in 2007, Harris spent a decade with the team and left his mark as one of the greatest linebackers in franchise history.

Key members of the Jets organization released statements praising Harris’ contributions to the franchise.

CEO Christopher Johnson

“David Harris operated at the highest standard for both performance and professionalism and is as fine a person as you will ever meet. His endurance, intelligence and reliability were his trademarks and he was always there for his teammates. With all of those qualities, what stands out most to me is the humility and selflessness with which he approached each day. I wish him and his family the absolute best that life has to offer and they will always have a home with the New York Jets.”

General Manager Mike Maccagnan

“We wish David all the best in retirement. His contributions will long be remembered as he played at the highest level on the field, matching that with a quiet confidence off it. All the while, he served as a humble example to countless teammates on how to be a pro.”

Head Coach Todd Bowles

“Players like David Harris don’t come around very often. He’s one of the best players and people I’ve ever coached. I have nothing but the highest respect for him as a person and a leader. He is an example of everything you want from a player. I am proud to have coached him and wish him and his family the best.”