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Former Jets Linebacker David Harris Announces His Retirement

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Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Former Jets linebacker David Harris announced his retirement today.

Harris played eleven seasons in the NFL, the first ten of which came with the Jets. After being cut last summer, he signed with the rival Patriots. Harris didn’t make much impact with on a New England team that fell one game short of a championship, but he was one of the greatest players in Jets franchise history.

A rare successful second round pick, Harris ranks fourth in franchise history with 708 tackles. He also recorded 35 sacks as a member of the Jets. After starting his rookie season as a backup, an injury to Jonathan Vilma pressed him into the starting lineup, a role he did not relinquish for close to a decade. It was tough to keep him out of the lineup as he only missed six games in ten seasons with the green and white.

Down the line a spot in the Ring of Honor surely awaits.