Thoughts for a GGN Series coming up to combine / draft

I'm not an avid watcher of college football, nor do I know anything about scouting. I do follow draft / scouting closely this time of year, much like everyone else here. I am also still learning about the pro game and hoping to become a more knowledgeable fan.

Something that i've always wanted to see here is posts on the different positions and how certain attributes (physical/mental/intangible) might make a college prospect translate to a certain position in the NFL.

For example, why would a college tackle best project to guard in the NFL or vice versa? What are the attributes that makes a college guard better suited to play center? What about in the secondary? What makes certain prospects translate to boundary, slot, safety (free or strong)?

What's the difference between a top prospect in a 4-3 vs a 3-4? A nose tackle over a defensive tackle over a defensive end? What about an edge vs. a middle / inside linebacker in both systems?

How does one receiver translate to the slot while another might translate to a wideout? What about in-line and receiving tight ends?

Who are the prototype players at these positions and who are the outliers? What are the scouts looking for when they make these projections and what are the reasons for it?

Just curious if there are any others out there that would be interested in this series and if there is any interest in making it happen. Otherwise, if any of you knowledgeable ladies or gentleman have nothing better to do than enlighten me below, i'm all ears.

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