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Report: Jets haven’t discussed a new contract with Wesley Johnson

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Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano reports the Jets and free agent center Wesley Johnson have not discussed a new contract at this point in time.

It’s not clear exactly what the Jets’ plans are at center since according to multiple sources the two sides haven’t had any substantive discussions on a new contract.

Johnson had a brutal 2017 season, his first year as an NFL starter. For this reason, I am sure many people will say, “Obviously the Jets aren’t going to negotiate with him. He was bad.” Well, you never know. Teams make questionable decisions all the time. It is good to hear that the Jets don’t seem to have much interest in bringing him back.

Vacchiano’s report actually comes in the middle of an article where he makes the unlikely case that re-signing Johnson should be a priority and even that it could be a selling point to attract Kirk Cousins. He even suggests that the Jets should use the franchise tag on Johnson if they cannot re-sign him. It is worth noting that the franchise tag doesn’t differentiate between tackle, guard, and center. Offensive line is considered one position so Johnson would be paid like a franchise left tackle if the Jets used the tag.

Let’s just say you would not have a happy John B if any of this was to occur. However, signs so far indicate the Jets are willing to move in a different direction.