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Report: Jets leaning toward keeping Jermaine Kearse

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Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse had a sold 2017. His contract makes him a potential cap casualty this offseason, however. The team would save around $5 million against the salary cap if he is cut. No dead money would be left on the cap. Rich Cimini reports the Jets are still not inclined to cut him.

Kearse has the only cap charge of significance, and that will be completely wiped off the books if he’s released. They’re leaning toward keeping Kearse, but it could depend on how things shake out with free agency and the draft.

I think keeping Kearse is the prudent course for the team at this point. There are question marks around the top two receivers on the roster. Quincy Enunwa is coming off a serious injury, while Robby Anderson has off field issues to deal with. A competent veteran like Kearse is a nice guy to have around, and a cap hit around $5 million is not prohibitive.

If an upgrade is available in free agency, cutting Kearse could open up cap space for a down payment. Even if the Jets did bring in a receiver, the question marks around Enunwa and Anderson might be enough motivation to keep Kearse.