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Ian Rapoport: Jets are willing to pay more than anybody else for Kirk Cousins

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Arizona Cardinals v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Over the weekend, rumors about the Jets and Kirk Cousins picked up some steam. They continue to gain momentum as NFL insider Ian Rapoport said the Jets are willing to offer Cousins more money once he hits free agency than any other team.

“They do have an offensive coordinator in Jeremy Bates would run a similar system to what Cousins ran in Washington,” Rapoport also noted. He named the Broncos, Cardinals, and Vikings as potential other suitors.

One thing that seems clear is the Jets are preparing to aggressively bid for Cousins’ services. When both local and national reporters are saying the same thing, odds are there is substance to a story. Like Rapoport, beat writer Rich Cimini said over the weekend the Jets were willing to do whatever it takes to get the quarterback. Brian Costello added to the chorus of those saying the Jets will be aggressive bidders in an article yesterday.

We can debates the merits of breaking the bank for Cousins, but it sure seems as though the Jets are going to make a big run whether you like it or not. The question might be how motivated Cousins is by money. If it is a driving force, the odds seem solid he will be a Jet in 2018 and beyond.