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NY Jets: The four types of free agent quarterbacks

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New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

On today’s podcast we talk about free agent quarterbacks. No matter what, the Jets are going to have to sign a free agent quarterback this year. While only one of the options will take the Jets out of the drafting a quarterback discussion, it will be important for the team to bring in a veteran.

Today’s podcast outlines the four options.

Franchise option: This entails signing a big name quarterback who the team can build around long-term. There is only one such player on the market. Example: Kirk Cousins

Upside option: This is a player with a bit of mystery. He has spent most of his career as a backup on a team with an established quarterback. The reward is potentially high, but so are the unknowns. It could totally backfire. Example: AJ McCarron

Bridge option: This type of player has a high floor. You know you are getting credible quarterback play. The veteran won’t play his way out of his job. This buys a Draft pick some time. He won’t be pressed into action too early with a competent guy out there. This guy isn’t good enough to keep the young quarterback off the field, though, once he is ready. The drawback is this type of player comes with a low ceiling so the team probably won’t do big things while you are waiting for the youngster. Example: Tyrod Taylor

Backup option: This type of player has bounced around the league and hasn’t ever been a franchise guy. The good thing is he will buy into his role. Most quarterbacks in this league don’t like the idea of keeping a seat warm for a young quarterback. This guy will. The drawback is this guy could easily play poorly enough to force the youngster into the lineup before he is ready. Example: Josh McCown

Listen below to hear more thoughts on these quarterback types.