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Talking Super Bowl LII and Jets With Ian Eagle

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Philadelphia 76ers V Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Ian Eagle has been involved with Jets broadcasts for close to 25 years. Early in his broadcasting career, he was involved with pregame and postgame shows on WFAN radio broadcasts of Jets games. In 1997 he was the radio play by play voice of the team. One year later when CBS gained rights to broadcast AFC games, he joined their coverage as a play by play guy. He also is the play by play voice of Jets preseason games on WCBS 2 each summer.

Ian maintains one of the busiest schedulers any broadcast has. He also calls NFL games on the radio for Westwood One during the season. On top of that, he calls numerous basketball games, both college and pro, as the voice of the Brooklyn Nets on the YES Network and as an integral part of CBS’ NCAA basketball coverage team. He calls numerous other sports, including tennis and boxing.

Ian is our podcast guest today. We talk about the Super Bowl, the Jets, the humorous story of how he started announcing boxing, and whether his Wikipedia page contains accurate information.