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Were the Scouting Reports Right? - Chad Hansen

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Quick note to GGN readers - GangGreeninYonkers here. Decided to change my display name to my full name, just an FYI.

We’re back this week with a fresh new batch of Jets scouting report reviews. Lastly, we looked at the first wide receiver selected by the Jets in 2017, ArDarius Stewart. Today, we’ll look at another rookie wide receiver, selected just one round after Stewart; Chad Hansen.

From, here is a look at the positives from Hansen’s scouting report.

Maneuvers around route redirection in space and keeps his route on time. Works back to the throw. Has some talent after catch on wide receiver screens. Drive off the line and into his routes is consistent no matter which level he is going to work. Good awareness near sidelines. Able to drop his feet in-bounds when crowded against the boundary. Plays with good strength and physicality when mugged in his routes. Has fluid, powerful strides to burst past cornerbacks on vertical routes. Natural ball-tracker. Plus body control for ball adjustments in any direction. Hands are strong and can secure in traffic. Didn’t have to run much of the route tree, but showed willingness to work the middle. Gives physical, extended effort as run-blocker punching into cornerbacks frame and locking out. Able to make first tackler miss and accelerate into open field

What seems right?

  • We didn’t get to see much of Hansen this year, but when we did, one thing that stood out to me was his ability to work the middle of the field against zone coverage. When he made a pair of clutch grabs against the Chiefs, he twice demonstrated the ability to sit down in the soft spot of the zone, an ability mentioned in this report.
  • As I also went into in the report linked just above, I thought Hansen did a solid job as a blocker, which is also mentioned in his positives section. And yes, I mentioned his sample size was small and you can say that we didn’t see enough to validate these notes, but I simply thought that these two positives matched up with the positives I did take specific notice of in his limited time.

What seems off?

  • I don’t think we saw enough of Hansen to really scoff at any of those positive notes as wrong. It seems likely he might have struggled with some of them in practice and that is why he didn’t earn much playing time, but we can’t know that for sure.

Here is a look at his weaknesses.

Upright off the snap and into his routes. Is eventual into breaks and allows cornerback time to gear down and transition back to the ball. Can be jammed up by strong press corners. Doesn’t create enough consistent separation with his intermediate routes. Route work at Cal was basic. Will face his share of contested catches on the pro level. Allows throws to crowd his frame. Needs to get better at using body to shield throws from defenders.

What seems right?

  • There is a lot of talk in this section about his ability to win off the line against physical man-to-man coverage. I believe very few (if any) of his 9 receptions came against that kind of coverage, and I didn’t notice the Jets putting many of those opportunities on his plate, perhaps an indication of their lack of confidence in his ability to win those types of battles.

What seems off?

  • Contrary to the report, I thought Hansen showed fluid, strong catching ability in his limited opportunities, but again, the sample size is so small that I am not going to toss any of these weaknesses out the window just yet.

Poll Choice: Choice 5

I know Hansen was a fourth-round pick, but I expected more from him. The Jets went with Jeremy Kerley over him early in the year, and when Hansen finally was forced on to the field, the Jets were reluctant to look his way. ArDarius Stewart is a guy whose lack of receiving ability isn’t much of a surprise to me. However, as you can see above Hansen was touted as a great route-runner and fundamental receiver, and many thought he was one of their best value selections. Based on the obstacles that ended up in front him, I hoped he would be able to put up more than 94 yards this year. Still, at just 23 years old after only one full year of starting in college, I think he deserves more of a pass for his rookie year than Stewart.


Is Chad Hansen the kind of player you thought he was?

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    He’s the type of player I thought he was and performed almost exactly as well as I expected
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  • 4%
    No, he’s not what I expected skillset-wise, but in a good way; he beat my performance expectations
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    No, he’s not the style of player I thought he was, and he is also worse than I thought.
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