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What do people have to say about Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates?

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New York Jets 2005 Headshots

The Jets finally got around to officially announcing Jeremy Bates as their new offensive coordinator this week. The move had been expected for some time as the decision had reportedly been made weeks ago.

What do some names around the NFL have to say about the new coordinator?

Todd Bowles: Jets head coach

“Jeremy is a talented coach who has a sound understanding of what it takes to build a successful offense. Having spent last season with us, he offers continuity and has a good sense of what we need to do to improve. I look forward to him working together with our offensive coaches.”

Mike Shanahan: Bates’ mentor and former boss

“Jeremy was a guy that was ahead of his time. He’s an extremely bright guy. That’s one of the reasons why he called plays. I knew he could handle it. When you’re around coaches, you know who has the ability to call plays and who doesn’t. And it doesn’t take you long to figure it out… especially when you’ve called plays your whole life. Which people understand defenses? Which people understand the running game? Which people understand how the running game and play action are put together? Which people understand third downs?”

Kirk Cousins: Quarterback and potential Jets free agent target

“With the Jets, the first thing that stands out is Jeremy Bates has a connection to coach Shanahan. Both Mike, Kyle, that whole system I played in. Sean McVay comes from that tree. I just think so highly of them as play callers, as offensive gurus if you will. Because Jeremy comes from that tree, it would be exciting to think about working with someone like that, knowing how important Xs and Os and game planning is and having the right play caller.”

Matt Hasselbeck: ESPN analyst and former quarterback of a Bates led offense

“Jeremy Bates is not a laid-back dude. Jeremy Bates is fiery, aggressive and allergic to the media. He makes Todd Bowles look like Bob Costas. He’s not comfortable in front of the cameras. He’s most comfortable with a dip in his mouth, talking football. He’s rough around the edges publicly, but in a football environment, wearing sweats and hanging out with coaches and players he’s very capable and very bright.”