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NY Jets podcast: A discussion on free agency strategy

New York Jets Introduce General Manager Mike Maccagnan and Head Coach Todd Bowles Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

The Jets are set to enter free agency with a lot of cap space. How much cap space the team will have precisely is not known at this point. The NFL has yet to set the 2018 salary cap. It is sure to be one of the biggest sums of space in the league this year, however, and will only grow after the team makes some obvious cuts.

On today’s podcast we take a look at the offseason on the horizon for the Jets. Why are they sitting on so much cap space? The answer is not good planning. In many ways having this much room is less of a blessing than it is a curse. The situation also isn’t as great as it might seem on paper. We will discuss all of this.

We will also talk about pitfalls the team needs to watch. There is no way around it. The Jets are going to spend a lot in free agency. Given the current state of the union, the team doesn’t have much of a choice. Even so, the team needs to show caution with its approach. There is a difference between spending money and improving the team.