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Jeremy Bates will remain Jets quarterbacks coach after promotion to offensive coordinator

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Yesterday the Jets finally officially announced Jeremy Bates as their offensive coordinator. Reports broke weeks ago that the team would promote Bates, but the Jets moved slowly. Rich Cimini offers an interesting note.

Rick Dennison, who was hired as run game coordinator, will also serve as a position coach. Dennison will be the offensive line coach.

I am not sure there is anything to analyze here either good or bad. It isn’t unprecedented for a coordinator to also coach a position. Some successful coordinators also coach a position. Some successful coordinators don’t. There are also successful and unsuccessful coordinators who do not coach a position.

Bates was reportedly involved in game planning a year ago while serving as quarterbacks coach so his new job might be a great departure from what he was doing, although there will be new responsibilities such as play calling.

One could argue keeping Bates as quarterbacks coach would provide continuity, but the Jets should look to bring in new quarterbacks this offseason so maybe that isn’t relevant.