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Were the Scouting Reports Right? - Marcus Maye

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New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Yesterday, I took a look back at Jamal Adams’ pre-draft scouting reports and compared them to the profile of the player he turned out to be on the professional field.

Today, let’s look at his partner on the backend, Marcus Maye.

From, here is a look at what they perceived as Maye’s positives and negatives entering the draft. We’ll start with his positives.

Ready-made safety frame with muscular build and long arms. Really instinctive with above-average field vision and feel for the game. Eyes dart back and forth from quarterback to receiver. Correlates quarterback’s eyes and actions to a corresponding route and gets the early jump. Plays with good pattern recognition from both man and zone. Credited with a pass breakup or interception on more than 21 percent of his targets as a starter. Has speed to burst from sideline to sideline. Rangy tackler with in-play endurance for extended chases across field. Welcomes physical aspects of position. Sheds blockers quickly. Showed improved patience and diligence as tackler. Trustworthy as last line of defense.

What seems right?

  • Reading this section felt like reading a breakdown of the Marcus Maye that played for the Jets this season. Really, everything that is noted in this section, was part of what made him a very solid contributor this year. He certainly does look to have a strong build. His instincts, feel, and vision usually looked to be very good. His tackling range was excellent, and the note about his trustworthiness as a last line of defense is spot on.

Here is a look at his negatives.

Despite his instincts, credited with 10 touchdowns allowed during time at Florida. Inconsistent ball tracker. Has issues playing both ball and man down the field, and can lose feel with receiver. Tape shows some issues with hip tightness. Balance can be a little spotty and he’ll fight his hips when forced to transition suddenly on combination routes. Better coming downhill than playing on his heels. Missed final three games of senior season with broken arm.

What seems right?

  • I do notice a bit of a correlation with the first note relating to his touchdowns allowed. I agree in that while Maye was often showing some really high IQ out there, he was the last line of defense on a defense that ranked very close to the top in big passing plays allowed. What was his role in that? He had a few hiccups here and there when it came to losing a receiver downfield.

What seems off?

  • The negatives section claims he was better coming downhill than playing on his heels. I actually think he struck a really good balance this year. He made some nice contributions in both the run and pass game. He is absolutely not a strictly downhill, run-defending safety.

I think Marcus Maye is very much the player the Jets looked to be getting; a disciplined last line of defense. He might not have the flashy tools to ever boast enough flashy numbers to become a perennial Pro Bowler, but he certainly has the instincts and versatility to be a good safety consistently. Combined with Jamal Adams, that’s a pair of two highly versatile and smart leaders to build around on the backend, and that’s what the Jets were shooting for when they picked them back-to-back in the first two rounds.


Is Marcus Maye the kind of player you thought he was?

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    Yes, he’s what I expected skillset-wise, and but fell short of my expectations performance-wise
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  • 20%
    No, he’s not what I expected skillset-wise, but in a good way; he beat my performance expectations
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    No, he’s not the style of player I thought he was, and he is also worse than I thought
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