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Charley Casserly 2018 mock draft has Jets picking Baker Mayfield

Houston Texans vs. Miami Dolphins - September 7, 2003 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Former NFL executive Charley Casserly has unveiled his first mock draft of the year. He has the Jets selecting Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield with the sixth pick.

6. New York Jets Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma

Will Mayfield have the best NFL career of any QB in this class?

One thing sets Casserly apart from any other pundit in Draft season. He is the reason Mike Maccagnan is the Jets general manager. Casserly led the search for a new general manager three years ago, and Maccagnan is one of his proteges from their time together in both Washington and Houston.

One theory in this Draft season is Maccagnan values physical tools in a quarterback above all else. There is some circumstantial evidence suggesting this is true based on the two quarterbacks he has drafted as Jets general manager. It is not definitive evidence, though.

Is Casserly offering insight into the way his protege thinks? We can’t say, but this is worth noting.