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Podcast: Super Bowl Prop Bets and Predictions

NFL: Super Bowl LII-New England Patriots Press Conference Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s podcast is posted later in the day than it usually is due to scheduling issues. We will be back at our normal time tomorrow morning. Apologies to anybody inconvenienced. We will give you a full refund.

On today’s show it is time to make a Super Bowl prediction. Usually we do predictions on Friday, but we have a special pre-Super Bowl episode tomorrow to accommodate so everything got moved up one day this week.

Before we get to picking the game, I make some predictions based on the silly prop bets out there. Everything has odds at the Super Bowl, even something as trivial as Bill Belichick’s shirt color. I offer my best guesses on some of these picks.

Then it is time to make a pick on the game. I don’t think my prediction will be much of a surprise. I would gladly take a loss, but you can tune in to hear my reasons for picking the Patriots to repeat.