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Jets-Bills Preview: Talking trades with Buffalo Rumblings

Michael Nania and Corey Giacovelli attempt to do some wheeling and dealing

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

As the Jets are getting set to take on the Bills this week, usually this is the spot where we future a Q&A with a writer from the opposing team’s side. However, with the Jets having faced the Bills less than a month ago, we took a different approach this week. Buffalo Rumblings writer Corey Giacovelli and I exchanged wild, crazy trade proposals between the Bills and Jets. Here’s a look at our short exchange of off-the-wall, out-of-the-box ideas.

(For all intents and purposes, this was played as if trades were still allowed at the present time)

My proposal to Buffalo on behalf of the Jets

OK, here’s my proposal:

Let’s get wild with this! So, the Jets could really use some pass rushing help across the board. We would love to have Jerry Hughes and Trent Murphy, and to compensate for your loss of those two, we’ll send over 24-year old outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins, in addition to our 3rd round pick from New Orleans. Jenkins is a strong edge setting outside linebacker who is only in his third NFL season, and has made some pass rushing strides this year.

So here’s where we are at right now:

Jets get:

Trent Murphy

Jerry Hughes

Bills get:

Jordan Jenkins

2019 3rd round pick from New Orleans

OK, so right now, this one is pretty lopsided in favor of the Jets. So, we’re going to offer some offensive help to you. We’re going to throw in 25-year old deep threat Robby Anderson, who you will have control of over the offseason as he is a restricted free agent. While his production this season has been lackluster, he has been given the short end of the stick playing with a rookie quarterback and an offensive coordinator who has not utilized him properly. He’s still an elite deep threat, and we think he would be a great compliment for Josh Allen. Few can run the go route like he can. Anderson would be a tremendous asset to have towards helping Allen realize the potential of his special arm strength.

Here’s how our trade looks now:

To New Jersey:

Trent Murphy

Jerry Hughes

To Buffalo:

Jordan Jenkins

Robby Anderson

2019 3rd round pick from New Orleans

The Jets get the pass rushing boost they need. The Bills get younger, cheaper, add yet another top-half draft pick to their growing collection, and supplement their franchise quarterback.

So, what do you say? Deal or no deal?

Corey’s response on behalf of Buffalo:

As tempting as that trade may be I am going to have to decline for a couple of reasons. One of our biggest weaknesses int he past has been getting to the quarterback and giving away two of our best pass rushers would impact that greatly. The possible addition of Jenkins is unnecessary due to already having two stud linebackers in Matt Millano and Tremaine Edmunds. Robby Anderson is tempting due to his ability in the passing game but I feel that Robert Foster has the ability to grow into that role that we see Anderson having with the offense. The pick is tempting in all of that but I feel that we would be okay.

However one trade that could have some possibility is as follows:

Bills Receive:

Jamal Adams

Jets Receive:

LeSean McCoy

Conditional 3rd Round Pick

This would be a big boy trade but if there’s one thing Sean McDermott likes, it is his defense, and this trade would do the trick. Granted, it won’t be easy to get someone of Adams’ caliber, you have to give up something big, and that’s LeSean McCoy. We love him in Buffalo but he just seems off this year in the new offense. Maybe a change of pace in New York could be a fresh start for him and get him back on track. Also having Shady to hand the ball off too could help Darnold’s development and take some pressure of of him.

My response on behalf of the Jets:

The offer is much appreciated, but I am going to decline without hesitation.

Jamal Adams is our best player, and there is zero debate. In addition to his status as an alpha who is the face of the franchise and shapes the identity of the team, he is becoming an all-around force who has a positive impact every single snap. His coverage has matured to a borderline elite level, his run defense is tremendous, and he adds value as a pass rusher as well. His presence is felt constantly, whether it’s obliterating a pass protecting running back, stripping the ball from a scrambling quarterback, or deflecting a pass on a blitz. Nobody else on the roster has come close to producing as much as he has this year.

LeSean McCoy has proven he can still be a great weapon into his 30s, but the Jets already have some interesting young talent at the running back position in Elijah McGuire especially and potentially in Trenton Cannon. With an ocean of cap space, they also could be gearing up to make a run at Le’Veon Bell, or another free agent running back among a deep pool of candidates.

The third rounder makes the package a little more enticing, and would be much welcomed for a team that is devoid of early draft ammunition following the Sam Darnold trade, but we simply don’t see McCoy and a third round pick as nearly valuable enough for the face of our defense.

Unless we could get an equally good player at a premium position such as quarterback (if we needed one), left tackle, center, or on the edge, I don’t see any way we would part with Adams. Maybe if a team offered an absurd package featuring a high first round pick and potentially even another one, if not, multiple Day 2 selections, we would consider it.

That day probably isn’t coming though - Adams will be in Florham Park for a long time.

Well, there you have it! Ultimately, talks between our two teams went nowhere, and we will proceed to do battle in Orchard Park this Sunday. Obviously, we were having some fun with it, and the proposals made by each side are probably completely unrealistic and would likely result in a slammed phone from the other side had they been proposed for real.

What did you think of our trade proposals? What would it take for the Jets to give up Jamal Adams? Was my trade offer one the Bills would even consider?


Trent Murphy and Jerry Hughes to NYJ - Robby Anderson, Jordan Jenkins, and New Orleans’ 2019 3rd rounder to BUF. Who says no?

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    Jets, but a fair deal is close
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