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Final Score: Patriots 38, Jets 3

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

In a bright and sunny Foxboro, Massachusetts, the New York Jets did what they nearly always do in Foxboro. They dropped their 12th game of the 2018 NFL season, losing to the New England Patriots 38 - 3.

This game was a mismatch from the outset. Tom Brady was not particularly sharp, but the Jets’ depleted defense, chock full of backups, was still no match for the Patriots offense. The Patriots moved down the field at will against the Jets motley crew of defenders in the first half, out gaining the Jets by a more than two to one margin on their way to a 21 - 3 Patriots halftime lead.

From there the game was never really in doubt. The Jets defense was for the most part helpless to stop the Patriots offense. The talent deficit was simply too great, with Brady having to choose between exploiting a tasty matchup against the forgettable Rashard Robinson, the never active Derrick Jones, or the career backup Rontez Miles. It came as no surprise that Brady, despite looking less than the all time great quarterback Jets fans love to hate, had no trouble moving the ball at will against the Jets.

Any hopes for the Jets keeping the game close would have to lie with a surging Sam Darnold leading the Jets in a shootout, but with offensive talent surrounding Darnold even less inspiring than the dreck the defense was fielding, Darnold had little chance to carry the Jets to victory.

The second half was largely a forgone conclusion as Brady and the Patriots did to the Jets what they have done far too often in Foxboro, cruising to a blowout victory.

With the loss the Jets finish the 2018 season with a dismal 4-12 record, as they head to the off season with heads likely to roll.

John will be around with a more in depth recap of today’s game a bit later this evening. In the meantime leave your comments on the game below.