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Jets mailbag: Does the team need a top pick to have a reasonable hope of trading down?

Green Bay Packers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

I hope everybody is having a great Christmas season with their friends and loved ones. I took the first and second days of Christmas off for the podcast, but we are back today with a mailbag on the third day of Christmas. Thanks to all who submitted questions. It was one of those weeks where there were too many great questions to answer them all so feel free to resend yours next week if it didn’t get answered.

Today we look at whether the Jets should focus on filling needs or looking for the best talent in the NFL Draft, whether the team will be able to trade down without a top three pick, whether the fanbase should still have some optimism if Mike Maccagnan is retained, how much Maccagnan has changed the team’s scouting department, favorite memories with the team’s current uniforms, possible GM candidates, and the best background for a coaching candidate.

Thanks for listening.