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Report: Jets will try to hire Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach

Indiana v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Mike Florio reports the Jets will make a big push to hire Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh to replace Todd Bowles after the season.

Per a league source, the Jets are the team that is planning to make a run at Harbaugh after the season ends.

The thinking is that the Jets plan to make Harbaugh a financial offer he can’t refuse, well in excess of the $7 million he earns at Ann Arbor.

It’s pretty obvious why the Jets would want Harbaugh. He’s one of the best coaches of his generation and has won everywhere he has been. That includes a wildly successful stint with the 49ers, where he went to the NFC Championship Game in three of four years. The 49ers started winning when he arrived and fell apart after he left.

With that said, it isn’t clear he would have any interest in the job. Michigan’s football program is wildly profitable so unless the school wants Harbaugh gone, they could match any Jets “offer he can’t refuse.”