A less considered GM Candidate

So after the game I got started thinking as you tend to after the kind of heartbreak we just had. This would be under a 'more than likely' hypothetical at this point in time but there is one candidate that doesn't get talked about all that much as a possible successor to Mike Maccagnan would be the VP of Player Personnel Brian Heimerdinger.

I know what you're thinking right about now; "Why would we hire from within right now? Especially someone brought in by our current GM?" and in most cases I'd agree with that sentiment. However in alot of news that comes out about our team his name keeps cropping up in good things, one of the most influential being both the trade to grab #3 overall in this past draft and the a heavy involvement in the scouting itself of our future top tier QB Sam Darnold. Now granted he is still a very young person at 31 but has flown up to be one of the youngest ever to hold a front office position which speaks to his potential in the relative future as well. He's also been the one in charge of both the college and pro personnel departments with the team alongside helping with contract negotiations on the side. This after 3 years ago being a scout with the now LA Rams where he would be preparing the reports for upcoming games for the coordinators on both sides, maintain their waiver wire transactions and acted as the south-west area scout alongside cross-checking all receivers across the country for the team.

By all accounts he's an up and comer in the realm of the front offices in the NFL and has been adjusting with relative ease into his roles if his career trajectory is saying anything. So what might you all think about him as a possibility?

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