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Jets lead the league in rushes to nowhere

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It is very difficult to quantify offensive line quality, but I do believe some statistics are illuminating.

One of them is the number of runs a team has that go for either no gain or a loss. Since the runner is being tackled at or before the line of scrimmage, odds are any play with this result has been blocked poorly. Yes, occasionally a back will dance around too much in the backfield or hit the wrong hole. A great back might make something out of nothing.

Still, I think this is a telling number.

Offensive line quality has been a big issue for the Jets all season long. This stat tells the story.

When I searched in Pro Football Reference’s game play finder, I found that the Jets lead the league in rushes resulting in either no gain or a loss.

It speaks to the upgrade in talent this team needs up front.