Magic Mike

After another game watching Alvin Kamara running around like Saquon Barkley I am comforted by the love fest all the NY sportswriters have with Magic Mike. The last article Said how great he was for delivering Darnold. That all his sins and incompetence are now forgiven and remind the stupid armchair GMs on GGN how dumb we are for questioning his genius. Only idiots like us would plead and beg Magic Mike to draft Watson or Mahomes when we already had Petty and Hack.

What these puff pieces also fail to mention is the disaster of a roster he has assembled each year of his tenure. It is absolutely mind boggling to try and figure out his thought process. Magic Mike walked in, analyzed the roster and last 7 drafts and concluded the Jets aren’t using enough of their top picks for defense. In a league where all of the rules are being designed to favor the offense, high SCORING games to entertain the fans, this idiot drafts 2 safeties with 2 top draft picks because the offense is already stacked. He came in promising to build thru the draft and immediately started trading away picks? But no one questioned him

I’m not going to rehash his record because it’s pointless to do again and again. Just look around the league at the Kamara’s, Tyreek Hill, Philip Lindsay, Kittle, David Johnson, Tarik Cohen etc etc, etc, etc. I use these because they are easily recognized. Do we have even one pick taken after the first round that we can point to and say, wow Magic Mike has an eye for talent. That’s what 18 years of scouting experience produces, Bryce Petty, Hack and two safeties at top of draft. I’m not even going to get into roster construction, free agent acquisitions and targets, remember Kirk Cousins.

Whatever Magic Mike’s skill set is, it does not translate into the GM’s office. He’s been given every opportunity and shown absolutely no ability to grow into the role. Firing only Bowles and not Magic Mike dooms this team to a continued ceiling of mediocrity. No decent HC candidate will any other options, will consider the Jets, even with Darnold, if Magic Mike is still in a decision making role.

Fire Bowles, Magic Mike and your brother Chris as soon as he returns from his honeymoon and hire a team president. Someone with a proven record of success and let him hire a GM, HC etc that will report directly to him. Remove yourself from the process.

Decades ago the Giants were the equivalent of the Browns with the Mara’s fighting over who controlled the Giants, the team was a disaster year after year. Pete Rozelle came in and convinced them of the need to remove the family from team operations. He said you need someone who can see the big picture, the vision needed to build the whole franchise. This person will have immersed himself in football his whole life and successfully performed many roles. Coaching, player development, evaluation, strategy, analyzing league trends, draft preparation, scouting etc it’s his whole world and he loves talking about it, but not to the press He hates press conferences because he needs to get back to work

Anyway Rozelle took Don Shila’s right hand man, George Young, and somehow hand delivered him to the Giants. There are a couple of potentially great candidates I can suggest like this but I won’t waste my breath anymore until you decide that time has come for you. You have too many diversified interests to fully immerse yourself in nothing but football for ten or twenty years to get that expertise. Find our George Young and you’ll still be the owner when we win a SB but if you let this continue chances are neither of us will be around to see one. It’s beyond depressing to see these people in charge of the franchise.

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