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Gang Green Nation Reader Spotlight: Gillym1986

Below is the next installment of our Reader Spotlight, if you’d like to have your own FEATURED post, click here, and email me your answers to the questions, as well as a photo of yourself to I look forward to hearing your responses!

Gang Green Nation Reader Spotlight: Gillym1986

The Basics:

What’s your name and/or username? Mark Giltrow / Gillym1986

What city/state do you live in? I live in a small village called Murianette between Grenoble and Chambery in the French Alps.

How old are you? I am 32 years old.

The Miscellaneous:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Don’t waste your time worrying about things that you can’t change, concentrate on the things you can.

If you could grab lunch with anybody in the past, present or future—dead or alive, who would it be and why? Joey Ramone. I am a huge fan of punk music, I’d love to hear all his stories from the CBGBs days and everything that was going down around New York in the mid to late 70’s.

If you were stranded on a deserted island for the rest of forever, which musical artist would you be listening to, and which television series would you be watching? I know I said I’d have lunch with Joey but the album that I think I’ve listened to most in my life is Jeff Buckley, Grace. I think I’d go with Jeff. I mean unfortunately he doesn’t have that much material to listen to but what he has is incredible. TV series will have to be Firefly. I don’t care if there is only one season, it can’t be beaten.

The Jets Related Questions:

How did you become a Jets fan? It was because of a friend, he kind of introduced me to the sport (it wasn’t as known in Europe back then), when I was next in New York I wanted to go see a game in the stadium. That week Jets were playing at home, I went to see the game and became a Jets fan. I always joke that if it had been a week later I would have been a Giants fan and would have the experience of watching my team win a couple of superbowls instead of Buttfumbles/ coaching changes/ Linebacker breaking the QB’s jaw etc.

What’s your favorite Jets memory? What about your most painful Jets memory? Favourite Jets memory was the 2010 Divisional round win against the Pats. I remember watching it in a sports bar/pool hall that is open 24 hours along with one other football fan and then a bunch of drunk guys who had no idea what was going on. Most painful, probably the “win and we’re in game” against Buffalo in the first year of Bowles and Mac. Watching the team fall apart against a weak Buffalo team and miss out on the playoffs was horrible.

In your humble opinion, who is the most dominant Jet to ever play and why? In your humble opinion, who is the most dominant Jet to ever play and why? I love Ronnie Lott but as he wasn’t a Jet for very long and at the end of his career where he didn’t make a huge impact on the team, I will go for Mark Gastineau. He was dominant for a long time and a QB’s worst nightmare, a guy that made the big plays when the team needed it.

Who is your favorite Jets player and why? Currently I’d say Jamal Adams, I love his energy and how he plays. Apart from him I really like what Frankie Luvu brings to the team and I hope he can build on this season and become a solid role player for the Jets.

If Woody Johnson handed you a blank check and gave you a choice to be a part of the New York Jets organization in any capacity, which position would you choose, and why? (It could be GM, Head Coach, Quarterback, Linebacker, Head of Scouting, Waterboy—the sky is the limit). Head of food tasting/ development. I would specialize in nacho’s but could expand to anything really. Someone makes the food and I test it and give it the ok. The same goes for drinks, official quality control for all drinks apart from Bud Light, Bud Light is now banned from MetLife Stadium, you are welcome world. Obviously this position comes with a 7 figure salary.

Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles get fired after the season and Woody Johnson decides to name you the next GM, giving you one very clear goal: win the Super Bowl within the next 4 years. What is your strategy to make the Jets a Super Bowl winner? What is your strategy to build this team into a perennial Super Bowl contender? Protect Darnold and give him weapons. I’d concentrate on building a strong O Line then surround him with guys who can make plays. Apart from O Line, in free agency I’d look to sign Bell and Clowney and a decent mid level cornerback (Brian Poole to man the slot?).