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Jets are third in the 2019 NFL Draft order after Week 15

Houston Texans v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

This weekend had something for every type of Jets fan. Those who wanted to see hope for the future were treated to an excellent performance by Sam Darnold on Saturday despite the team’s loss to Houston.

You tankers out there also should be pleased with the outcome of Week 15. The Jets’ loss combined with other NFL action has moved the team up to the third slot in the current NFL Draft order.

The order for the top of the Draft is listed below.

1. Arizona (3-11)

2. Oakland (3-11)

3. Jets (4-10)

4. San Francisco (4-10)

5. Jacksonville (4-10)

6. Atlanta (5-9)

7. Detroit (5-9)

8. Giants (5-9)

9. Tampa Bay (5-9)

10. Buffalo (5-9)

In addition to their loss, the Jets got some “help” as the 49ers upset the Seattle Seahawks at home.

Two games remain in the 2018 season. The Jets will host the Packers this week and go to New England next week.