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Podcast: Darnold thrives; Jets lose

NFL: Houston Texans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets had an early game this week as they played the Houston Texans Saturday afternoon in the Meadowlands. In a way the result was familiar. The team lost for the tenth time this season, clinching a third consecutive season with double digit losses. Unlike many of the 2018 defeats, however, there was at least something of a silver lining from the game.

Sam Darnold played extremely well for the Jets. The year is all about the rookie quarterback for the Jets so seeing him thrive is an encouraging development for the team’s future, particularly since the 2018 season is long lost. Almost every positive play from the Jets on Saturday was a result of Darnold doing something really well.

On today’s podcast we look back at the game against Houston and discuss Darnold’s performance along with the downside to Darnold doing it all, the struggles of the cornerbacks, and more.