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Mailbag: Were the Jets lucky Kirk Cousins picked Minnesota in free agency?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Our podcast mailbag returns to Thursday after weeks of either being rescheduled to a different day or cancelled outright. Thanks to everybody for supplying the questions that make the mailbag happen. There were unfortunately too many good ones for me to be able to answer everything. Please feel free to resend your question for next week’s mailbag if it wasn’t answered this time.

On today’s show we look at the case of Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, whether Le’Veon Bell would be the right fit, whether the Jets were lucky to be turned down by Kirk Cousins in free agency, why the team’s run defense is so erratic, how much promise Chris Herndon has, what it would take to enter 2019 with confidence in Trumaine Johnson, how Nathan Shepherd has performed as a rookie, whether the team would hypothetically trade Sam Darnold for Baker Mayfield right now, whether it would have been better for the Jets to lose to Buffalo, and whether past experience working as an assistant for the Jets matters in coaching candidates.

Thanks for listening.