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Jets podcast: Tuesday musings

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets got a win on Sunday. It was good to see on a number of different levels. The victory ended a six game losing streak. During the win, Sam Darnold registered his first fourth quarter comeback and put together his first game-winning drive. While beating a bad Bills team probably won’t go down as the greatest moment in Sam’s career, these were still important rites of passage.

Thinking long-term, however, the Jets are in a state of flux. 2018 has been a season of disappointment in New York, and changes are sure to come over the next few weeks. The big question is how big the changes will be.

On today’s podcast I offer some musings about the state of the franchise and some things I believe ownership needs to keep in mind as it looks to improve the team and put the right people in place for the future.