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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Hope Springs Eternal

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New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The New York Jets beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, their first win in almost two months, to raise their record to 4-9 on the season. The win was fueled by Andre Roberts heroics in the first half and Sam Darnold heroics in the second half. Something old, something new. How did the power rankings feel about this win? Let’s find out.

SB Nation

29. Jets (last week: 28)

USA Today

28. Jets (last week: 29)

You can’t miss him on social media even if you’ve missed his games. But best believe Jamal Adams has reached all-pro caliber in second year.

Washington Post

28. New York Jets (last week: 31)

If a Jets-Bills game occurs and no one notices, did it really happen?


29. New York Jets (last week 29)

Top wish list item: A strong finish for Sam Darnold, whose development is Item No. 1 on the wish list. It’s probably too late to save coach Todd Bowles, but the rookie quarterback can provide hope for a franchise that has missed the playoffs for the eighth straight season. It has been a roller-coaster year for Darnold, but he has displayed some “wow” moments -- and that should sustain a success-starved fan base through another offseason of rebuilding.

With the obvious proviso that power rankings are stupid, unless they praise the Jets, in which case they’re awesome, what do you think? Where should the Jets rank in the NFL power rankings?