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Week 10 Jets Roster Power Rankings

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Who have been the top ten best Jets on the year? Let’s take a shot at stacking them up!

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10. Darryl Roberts, CB (Debut)

After three games of phenomenal play, Roberts pushes his way on to the list after providing subpar play as a reserve over the first portion of the year. Over the past three weeks, I’ve credited Roberts with allowing only 118 yards and 4 first downs on 23 targets, for sublime numbers of a 17% first down rate and 5.1 yards per target.

9. Isaiah Crowell, RB (Last week: 10th)

Crowell was out-snapped and outperformed by Elijah McGuire in the sophomore’s return against the Dolphins. More than likely, Crowell will gradually shift into a complimentary role and see his production dip.

However, until then, Crowell remains the team leader in scrimmage yards by a wide margin and thus should have a spot on the list. His 626 yards is 173 ahead of the injured Bilal Powell. Its a total nearly twice as high as the second-ranked healthy Jet, Robby Anderson, who is at 338.

8. Chris Herndon, TE (Last week: 8th)

Herndon posted a career-high 62 receiving yards against Miami as he caught each of his four targets. It was a nice bounceback game for the rookie, who earlier in the season had a disastrous outing against the same defense.

Here’s a look at Herndon’s production over the past four weeks and how it stacks up among tight ends leaguewide:

11 catches (12th)

176 yards (8th)

3 touchdowns (2nd)

11.7 yards per target (1st of 30 TEs with 10+ targets)

16.0 yards per reception (4th / 30)

7. Brandon Shell, RT (Last week: 2nd)

Shell plummets after a season-high 7 pressures allowed. Cameron Wake and the Dolphins just seem to have his number.

Shell’s last disastrous outing was against Jacksonville in Week 4. Following that game, he went on a tear of the next four weeks, ranking among the very best pass protecting right tackles in the game. Can he bounce back once more?

Shell also continues to look like a completely different player in the run game. I have him credited for a 21:9 assist to stuff ratio in the run game, easily the best across the Jets offensive line.

6. Henry Anderson, DL (Last week: 6th)

Anderson added another run stuff to his name and created plenty more pressure against the Fins. He continues to thrive with effect per-snap production, taking advantage of 1-on-1s presented to him.

5. Leonard Williams, DL (Last week: 8th)

Williams had a strong outing to snap a bit of a cold spell. He racked up a pair of run stuffs, a QB hit, and a few pressures.

4. Morris Claiborne, CB (Last week: 4th)

Claiborne was probably the weakest link on the Jets defense on Sunday, but even so, he wasn’t awful by any means. He allowed a pair of first down catches for a combined 51 yards, but still usually had good coverage throughout the game.

3. Darron Lee, ILB (Last week: 6th)

Lee had one heck of a game. He had 3 run stuffs, made a clutch stop holding Brock Osweiler just shy of the sticks on a 3rd down scramble, and played great in coverage. I tagged him with only 1 target for 9 yards. He took some tough man-to-man assignments, sometimes lining up outside against tight end Mike Gesicki, and Lee owned them. In zone, he looked sound and alert. Good outing for him, as it was for just about every Jets defender.

2. Avery Williamson, ILB (Last week: 3rd)

Williamson debuted on the list at #7 in Week 5, and has slowly but steadily made the climb all the way up here to the number two spot.

His coverage in this game was some of the best I’ve seen from him this year, as he played some strong man coverage on a few routes out of the backfield by running backs. He also was great as a blitzer, picking up a sack and another pressure. In the run game, he picked up a whopping 4 stuffs.

1. Jamal Adams, S (Last week: 1st)

Adams was in a minor slump, but broke out of it in a big way at Hard Rock. He was everywhere. He deflected two passes on blitzes off the edge. He was lockdown in coverage. And he picked up 3 run stuffs of his own. It was an extraordinarily active game, as he got his fingerprints all over play after play. A true showing of how dominant he can be. His top spot seems as safe as it has all season, and it would be a shock if he did not retain it throughout the entire remainder of the season.

The defensive side now owns the top six players on the list - which makes sense for a team that ranks first in forcing 3 & outs on defense and second-worst in avoiding 3 & outs on offense.

Dropped off list:

Sam Darnold, QB (was 5th): Some GGNers gave me some major heat for having Darnold on the list. Shame on them for saying anything negative about Darnold!

Anyway, jokes aside, their doubts were proven right after all! After a nightmare outing that was easily his worst of the year, Darnold is absolutely deserving of a drop-off. He is 33rd of 34 qualifiers in passer rating, ahead of only Josh Allen. His 14 picks are four more than any other quarterback, the same distance between 3rd and 17th on the interception leaderboard.

Due to four legitimate bombs against the Browns, Jaguars, Vikings, and now the Dolphins, Darnold’s overall body of work this season has not been positive in spite of solid or better performances in his other five games. And, that’s totally OK. There are numerous examples of quarterbacks who have struggled just as much or more as rookies and went on to have tremendous careers. In fact, these struggles shouldn’t be much of a surprise at all, especially given the outrageously terrible job the Jets have done in helping their young passer.

If Darnold really does have what it takes to be a franchise quarterback, he’ll show it at some point regardless of the way his rookie season turns out.

Knocking on the door:

Quincy Enunwa, WR (Last appearance: Week 7): Enunwa has a legitimate claim to be on this list right now. He remains the team leader in receiving yards per game and is third in scrimmage yards per game. It was a very tough call on who to leave off between Crowell, Herndon, Roberts, and Enunwa.

However, while Enunwa returned with 3 first down catches for 43 yards, he still only has 49 total receiving yards over his last three games, with two games missed nudged in there. With those included, he’s only given the team about 10 yards per week over a stretch the length of over a quarter of the season. Yes, Chris Herndon was quiet for the first five games as well, but I think Herndon has blocked better than Enunwa this season to give him the slight edge, in addition to his 3-1 touchdown advantage.

Again, it was a very close call and I wouldn’t argue with you one bit if you think Enunwa has still been a top-ten contributor this season. Enunwa will most definitely be back. Crowell is probably going to drop off and Enunwa is easily the lead contender to take his spot. I’m interested to see what he does getting his first action with Josh McCown. McCown and Robby Anderson clicked wonderfully last season, each unlocking the other’s full potential. Can he have the same rapport with Enunwa?

Here’s a look at the season-long progression of the list.