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New York Jets Flight Connections 11/07/18

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! Here are your daily New York Jets links for this Wednesday...

ESPN - Sam Darnold provides hope for the future, but the Jets’ present is bleak.

The Jet Press - Jeremy Bates needs a serious wake-up call.

Jet Nation - McGuire looking like a perfect replacement for Powell.

The Jet Press - Sam Darnold shouldn’t receive all of the blame. - Jets’ Jamal Adams ‘likes’ idea of joining Cowboys in 2020.

NY Post - Jets, Bills and Dolphins vs. Patriots — who wins?

DeadSpin - The Jets would like to welcome you to self-loathing football season.

Fox Sports - Developing young QBs in NFL are a tricky balancing act.

NY Post - A decade of pure misery leaves Jets fans in a familiar place.

Enjoy Your Hump Day!