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Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel (October 31st-November 6th)

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Jets vs Dolphins Analysis: Where to Go From Here?

patwinum analyzes the Jets future after yet another Jets loss.

It’s Time For a Change

vin.fodera discusses why Bowles and Bates needs to go.

Jets Offense: Keys to Success Week 9

Fade-away discusses what needs to happen for the offense to be productive against the Dolphins.

Darnold is Not Richard Todd! Or is he?

Hankflorida sees parallels between Sam Darnold and Richard Todd.

What I Would Do If I Owned the Jets

sledor offers ideas for some of the changes he would make as the Jets owner.

Top Comments:

On why there’s hope that Sam Darnold can overcome bad coaching:

If Goff can survive a year of Fisher, Darnold can live through a year of Bowles/Bates.


On all of the offensive shortcomings in the game against the Dolphins:


Yes the kid had his worst game. That said, how do you expect a kid who is in his first 8 games in the NFL to overcome a Center who cannot snap the ball, thus throwing his timing off. Had that happened in New England, New Orleans, Green Bay, or Atlanta even, those Centers would have been yanked quickly. Additionally, It looked like Darnold had to adjust the ball when the snaps did come in somewhat near where they were supposed to go. Wide Receivers who could not get open, and unimaginative / questionable play calling doomed the offense. How many times did Crowell “slip”? The offense has an issue and it needs to be resolved as a whole. Yes Darnold was bad, but to me this was on the offensive coaches.


On Long’s incompetence:

I obviously wouldn’t say that he played a good game. Yes. He locked on receivers. Yes he held the ball too long. But, damn, dude. Have you ever seen a QB get worse snaps from C during a game? That is not a rhetorical question. Have you literally ever seen that before? I haven’t. You think that maybe, just maybe, that might throw a QB off a little? Do you realize that, if a rookie QB is struggling, that it is possible for coaches to ADJUST? Try answering the questions that I posed. Was it really Darnold’s fault that the Jets were always in third-and-long? Was it really Darnold’s fault that the Jets could virtually never convert on third down?


On how there’s more offensive talent than people give the Jets credit for:

Enunwa, Anderson, Kearse, Crowell, and Herndon are all capable weapons, as were Powell and Pryor. We’ve seen what they are capable of when properly schemed and coached, they aren’t bums. There’s no “true no. 1” but there’s more to an effective offense than one star reciever if your coaches know what they are doing. We have a solid and diverse group, plenty of tools to work. We may not be one of the better teams but to suggest we have nobody on offense or Sam has no weapons is a load of crap. The coaching and gameplanning is the bigger issue as of now. This isn’t to say we don’t need more talent. All teams do so don’t say Im saying we’re all set talent wise… It just pisses me off hearing everyone act like everyone on the team is a bum when we’ve seen what they are capable of. This is the mantra that keeps mediocre and clueless coaches like Bowles and Bates around longer than they deserve.


On how there’s little to no offensive talent on the Jets:

Totally disagree. This may be the worst collection of Offensive talent in the NFL and one of the worst Offenses in Jets history

Lets look at grades from an objective source: Jets Offensive PFF Grades (Minimum 20% of snaps): QB: 36th RB: 24th WR1: 33rd WR2: 79th TE: 10th OT1: 33rd OT2: 56th G1: 26th G2: 43rd C: 38rd This talent level is shockingly poor. There are few Jets players who would even start on most other teams. There are very few Jets players who consistently win matchups. This is not an emotional response. These are objective grades from a source that charts matchups on every play. I think its important for Jets fans to realize this. This Offense is much farther away than just one Offseason – even if the Offseason is an effective one.

-Broadway Jose

On some of Maccagnan’s greatest moves:

All of Maccs greatest hits is in one CD

You got hits such as; Tru’ Love, “step on my Revis Isle” “ Wilk On the the wild side!” ohhhh and who can’t ever forget the mega hit “oh, oh, Fitzmagic!!”.. it’s a timeless classic!

-SP from the boogie

On why Bowles and Maccagnan should be fired together (if the Jets decide it’s time for a change)

It will be a replay of the Idzik-Rex fiasco.

No HC candidate will touch this job if he thinks the GM involved in hiring him will be gone after his first season as the HC. Unless the HC has also been promised a say in picking the next GM, and there are only one or two guys out there who could demand that of Woody/Chris and maybe get it. If Bowles goes, Mac has to go.

-Traveling Man

On the dangers of firing Bowles’ staff but keeping Bowles:

Bowles is on his third OC and has stuck with his largely underperforming DC who just happens to be his BFF. He keeps making the same mistakes and the team has not responded to his coaching. He does not deserve to continue with a new staff. Let’s not make this a Joe Walton redux. For those of you not old enough to remember, Leon Hess fired Joe Walton’s entire coaching staff but kept Walton employed as HC and allowed him to hire a new staff. Which not surprisingly ultimately led to the same pathetic results. The speculation at the time was that Walton had pictures of Hess in compromising positions.


On how bad snaps could negatively impact Darnolds’ performance:

My take on that play was, yea, he corralled the snap and had some time, however didn’t have enough time to scan and realize that there was an underneath coverage. The route look like a timing out route towards the sideline and he looked more concern about gathering it and completing it in a timely manner before the receiver got to the boundary. That second just gathering the snap maybe enough to throw him off his progression. That’s just me but I can only imagine being on the field at that moment, in that position, with everything that is going.


On how bad snaps could negatively impact Darnolds’ performance (part 2):

I beg to differ, BJ.

1) First of all, the clock in your head is all messed up. Not knowing how much time you should have to throw is critical. 2) When the ball is snapped, you know where all the guys are on offense and defense. The first half of a second probably tells the QB a ton, as he sees which way the defenders are heading, which tells him what his options are. But if you have to reach out and focus on making a one-handed catch just to save a disaster from happening during that half-second, you have lost track of where everyone is going, and trying to pick that up at this point is impossible since the guys are already all over the place. That can be a major reason for failing to read things correctly and not seeing a looming defender in the area. 3) A rookie’s head is spinning even w/o all this nonsense, trying to process all the info at this level. A sudden spurt in your heart beat as the snap goes flying off to Disneyland will certainly add to the pressure and confusion. Plus, by the mid-3rd quarter, he is in fear of a bad snap even before he says hut-hut-HUT. That fear will have an effect on any rookie QB, and add to his already dropping confidence. You cannot just put every part of a QB’s game in a separate box. Everything works together – either to help his chances, or to hurt them.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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