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A Plea To Chris/Woody Johnson

I pray this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Gentlemen, I write to you today as a concerned fan and a consumer. I don’t take any pleasure in writing this, as I am sure you won’t receive any reading it. We have come to a fulcrum of sorts. The future of this team hangs in the balance. There are things that can’t happen for a team to function properly in this age of football. These problems aren’t just one-offs either. They are abundant, and their effects could be lasting.

First, I would like to bring to light all the positives within this team. We have a lot of very good, young talent. There is a strong core of players present that are still on relatively cheap contracts. There is a clear window for us to build this team into something special. We are still at the start of this window, so if any changes are to be made. it is now that these changes need to be made. This young core is still developing into the power house that they are capable of becoming. Any modifications that need to be made will only help this development. Staying stagnant will lead to stagnant development.

We don’t have to look back very far to see how talent can spiral out of control when not properly guided. One could say that Mark Sanchez is a cautionary tale for what could happen again if we aren’t diligent. Mark was a promising talent, but that talent was raw. His development needed to be fostered delicately and continuously. His rawness was hidden by an outstanding running game, and an all world defense. This was the brand of football Rex wanted, and it worked for two years. Once the talent faded around Sanchez, he was naked to the flaws that were never properly developed. As you well know, this is a passing league. This means developing the passer should be paramount to everyone throughout the organization. Either, there isn’t enough attention to this, or what is being done needs to change. More of the same will not work.

I will never ask for anyone to be fired. It’s a horrible thing for anyone to call for. These are good people with families. With that said, something needs to be altered in order to foster our future. When a young quarterback needs to focus more on the placement of his snaps, rather than the play in front of him, there is a huge problem. Injuries and poor performance happen. Both are to be expected. The fatal breakdown was that nothing was done to remedy this, when there was an easy solution. It’s the maddening inaction, or slow reactions to problems, that are crumbling this team inside and out.

These team inefficiencies are a top down problem. As the top dogs, your voices will be the ones that determine the future of this franchise at this pivotal point. As far as talent is concerned, we have the guys to make noise in this league. We will continue to build upon that strong base. As long as we have a strong, efficient leadership in place to develop them, we will be in a good position. If we had that right now, I would not be writing this. If the weeks pas, and there is more of the same, both our talented players and fans will lose confidence. The result will be more horrible play on the field, and even less fans in the seats. Let’s take care of this as soon as humanly possible please. The fanbase begs you.