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Jets Helmet Stickers: Week 12

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this was unexpected. Not the Jets losing again, that’s assumed at this point. Rather, there were some glimmers of hope at times and the team went into halftime dead even with a vastly superior team. On the positive side, Chris Herndon has shown a lot for a rookie tight end and if he continues to progress at this rate, the Jets could have a rising star. Jamal Adams continued to reinforce his Pro Bowl argument and is already a rising star for the team. Enunwa flashed his tantalizing skills once again. Outside of that, and the remaining two players to be seen below, it was mostly an embarrassing mess in the second half. Anyway, here are the top 3 performers from this week.

Bronze Star: K Jason Myers (2 field goals, 1 extra point)

I have to give credit to Myers once again. In yet another game in which no one really showed up, including fans, Myers continued to be money from any range. He now has 5 games in which he has hit a kick from 55+ yards and 2 more if you drop it to 48 yards. He has yet to miss 2 kicks in a game, including extra points. In fact, only the Falcons have managed a 56+ yard kick as well as 92% or higher kicking percentage, and they’ve used multiple kickers (though they are at 100% across the board, which is shocking when using multiple kickers.) The only other 100% kicker from 50+ is Justin Tucker, who is probably the best kicker in the NFL, and has 2 fewer attempts. Myers also has the Jets tied with the Falcons as the only teams with 100% accuracy from 40-49 with a minimum of 7 kicks. In short, no one wants to see a kicker on this list, but Myers has been killing it this year despite a few duds (also note that only 10 teams using more than 10 kickers have gone 100% on extra points in this new league.) Well played, Myers.

Silver Star: WR Jermaine Kearse (6 catches, 66 yards, 1 TD)

Never thought I’d see Kearse on this list again, but he had a pretty big day. He caught 6 balls at a pretty nice 11 yards per reception and made a few impressive catches, as well as driving for the Jets only TD of the day. He’s been mostly abysmal this season, though I’ve wondered if its in part due to returning from injury too quickly and not having time to build chemistry with Darnold. That said, I wouldn’t expect this to be the norm or for him to show up on this list again. Nevertheless, he was 7 yards behind the lead in yardage (Enunwa), second in receptions by 1 (Herndon), and scored the only TD of the day. Good for him.

Gold Star: S Jamal Adams (10 tackles, 3 passes defended)

Not much more to say at this point. Adams is the best Jet on the field week in and week out. He had a couple misses against the Pats, but for the most part he dominated the game to the extent that he could. That’s really the issue, though. All you have to do is look at 2017’s graph of highest paid players to see how valuable players are per position. A strong safety is the least valuable defensive player, followed by free safety and then middle linebacker. Who have been the best two Jets on defense this year? Jamal Adams and Avery Williamson. You could probably analyze this formula with the Jets offense, but everyone has been so bad, it’s hard to really construe much here. As great a player as Adams has been this season, you can’t win in the modern NFL without a high octane offense or a smothering pass rush. Once the Jets actually get a legitimate pass rusher and Adams can play more downhill, he could enter elite territory. Well, if the Jets ever get a pass rusher.

So there you have it, twelve weeks in and the table stands:

Jamal Adams 15 points (3 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)

Jason Myers 9 points (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Avery Williamson 6 points (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Morris Claiborne 5 points (2 silver, 2 bronze)

Quincy Enunwa 4 points (1 gold, 1 bronze)

Darron Lee 4 points (2 silver)

Deontay Burnett 3 points (1 gold)

Isaiah Crowell 3 points (1 gold)

Henry Anderson 3 points (1 gold)

Andre Roberts 3 points (1 gold)

Jermaine Kearse 2 points (1 silver)

Sam Darnold 2 points (1 silver)

Leonard Williams 2 points (1 silver)

Bilal Powell 2 points (2 bronze)

Robby Anderson 1 point (1 bronze)

Darryl Roberts 1 point (1 bronze)

Jordan Jenkins 1 point (1 bronze)