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2019 NFL Draft Order: Jets currently hold fourth pick

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

After their Week 12 loss to New England, the Jets are currently in fourth position in the 2019 NFL Draft order. The current order of early picks is below for your viewing pleasure.

  1. 49ers 2-9
  2. Cardinals 2-9
  3. Raiders 2-9
  4. Jets 3-8
  5. Giants 3-8
  6. Jaguars 3-8
  7. Falcons 4-7
  8. Lions 4-7
  9. Bills 4-7
  10. Buccaneers 4-7

This order is, of course, just a snapshot in time. Teams will move up and down over the final five weeks of the NFL season.

If I was betting, I probably would pick the Jets to end up with a better pick than fourth overall. Things seem like they are falling apart for this team after a decent start to the season. With the way this team is playing, it is difficult for me to see where more wins are coming from. This team probably faces an uphill climb to even match its 5-11 record from the last two seasons.