Mark Cannizzaro The most pathetic sportswriter in NY history

This is the state of NY sports. Stupid spineless sportswriters who have their noses so far up WOODY’s —- they would say anything to make sure they get picked for a question at a press conference and get their face on TV.

Sadly the players, sportscasters, writers, etc etc can’t open their mouths about the disgraceful, laughing stock of a franchise the Jets are. The only place the truth really comes out is by fans writing on team blogs all across the country who have to suffer watching season after season of bad sports with no hope of being competitive bar getting lucky and drafting a LeBron.

TRADER MIKE is one of the worst GMs in pro football history you fn idiot. No decent HC prospect will sign on with him in charge of the roster you moron. He has been in control of the roster for over 5 years and it is an absolute disaster. DISASTER!!!! He has officially helped turned the Jets into a franchise on par with some of the worst of all time, the BROWNS, REDSOX, CUBS, etc etc. Do you know how some of those franchises turned things around. Something lost on an idiot like yourself. They hired a real GM!!!!! They didn’t leave or advocate to keep the GM in place who in 5 years has demonstrated absolutely NO ability to evaluate players, the expertise he was hired for stupid!!!!, beyond a dart boatd, let alone run a draft and build any sembelence of a balanced competitive roster!!!!

Pay attention dummy!!!! In a salary cap league parity is actually easy to achieve and he can’t even do that!!!! Give a bad coach a great roster and guess what he looks competent, see Rex Ryan. Give a bad HC a bad roster and you get the JETS!!!

You freaking loser. You obviously get free tickets to the games and never had to pay for a seat license

There isn’t more than one franchise in the NFL, I say one because someone was stupid enough to hire REX, who would even interview Trader Mike for a GM position other than to make sure they recognize what not to hire.

You —- fn worthless yes man, —- kissing, enabler etc etc etc. You and every other sport writer in NY are a pathetic bunch. You are no doubt proud of yourself for eliciting such a passionate rebuke of your article which I will make make sure to point out contained absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support your conclusion other than he drafted Sam Darnold who has shown some potential? You are the equivalent of an artist who defecates in the middle of a room and calls himself great for inspiring debate

We need ex-players to become sportswriters. Many are not afraid to call out the so called blatantly obvious badly prepared teams, stupid game plans etc etc they watch as sportscasters and once in a blue moon the stupidity of owners like Jerry Jones and WOODY!!!! The owners would eventually get them fired but maybe we would get some honest opinions if we kept rotating new ones in as they get fired.

WOODY has owned that team for 18 years and it’s still a disaster from the front office to the coaching staff and you sit there now telling us he only made one bad decision five years ago, Bowles. I got news for you dummy the Jets are not sitting on a stacked roster like the Rams were in need of a coaching change from Fischer to Sean McVay to bring out their potential.

And yes before you ask yes I could fix the fn Jets. It would take 20 fn minutes!!!!!!!! Read the rest of the paper. They just sent pictures back from Mars as if you were standing there taking it with your iPhone. No one is asking you to be a rocket scientist just try offering more insight and analysis than a 5 year old.

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