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Todd Bowles says he isn’t considering changing play callers

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has come under heavy criticism for the team’s lack of production on offense. On Sunday the Jets were limited to 13 points. Meanwhile the team had around 50 dropbacks with its backup quarterback in the lineup opposed to 12 handoffs to running backs.

Bowles was asked on Monday whether he is consider changing his playcaller. His answer is below while acknowledging the coaching needs to improve.

On if he is considering changing playcallers on offense...


On the reasons for offensive struggles...

They’ve got to play better and we’ve got to coach better.

On why he is sticking with Bates...

It’s everybody involved, it’s not just Jeremy. (It’s) the other coaches and it’s the players as well. We are all involved in that, it’s never pointed to one person.

Bowles is right that many people must share the blame for this team’s offensive woes. And at this point of the year making a change would be a largely academic exercise. The season is long lost.

One still must wonder whether Bowles has any regrets about his decision to promote Bates. After changing offensive coordinators in consecutive offseasons, this certainly couldn’t have been the result he envisioned.