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Jets Week 12 Anti-Game Ball: Front Seven

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost once again on Sunday, which means we once again will hand out an anti-game ball.

This year, group anti-game balls have become a norm. There have been numerous games where the team’s problems have been so systemic that it hasn’t made sense to single out one player. Sunday’s game is another such case.

I think the biggest problem the Jets had was their failure to stop the run. The Patriots ran at will on the Jets, totaling 215 yards on just 36 carries. I don’t think there’s anything more demoralizing than when a defense cannot stop the run. It’s one thing to have issues with a scheme or a matchup. The coaching staff can adjust. There aren’t many fixes to make when the defense is simply manhandled at the point of attack.

For these reasons the front seven of the Jets gets my anti-game ball this week. Who gets yours?