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Jets vs Patriots: Five Bold Predictions

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets come off their bye week to meet up with the Patriots, who are also coming off their bye week. Both teams went into the bye with a crippling, embarrassing defeat and are looking to bounce back. Only one team will. I wonder which one it will be.

Disclaimer: A Bold Prediction is not something that is likely or probable to happen. Bold Predictions are blind guesses that are laughably optimistic beyond what anyone can reasonably expect to happen, but not so far as to be virtually impossible. Saying that Leonard Williams will get a sack is not a Bold Prediction, nor is saying that Bilal Powell will run for 650 yards. By definition, Bold Predictions are unlikely, but not impossible, to occur. Since this is a Jets site, they are also pro-Jets predictions. As always, the Final Score prediction is meant to be realistic, not a Bold Prediction.

Here are my five bold predictions for tomorrow’s game:

  1. The Jets score at least 30 points.
  2. The Patriots don’t record a single sack.
  3. The Jets defense forces at least 4 turnovers.
  4. Josh McCown rushes for more yards than any Patriots back.
  5. The Jets score on defense, offense, and special teams.

And a bonus prediction: The announcers keep their references to Brady and McCown’s ages to under 350.

Final Score: Yeesh, a perfect storm for the Jets season to collapse is on the horizon. The Jets lose 31-10.