I understand all the hype on the cap apace we have and to just go out and get the players we want with all the money we have. First we have to understand the cap space situation, then are high profile players willing to come to the same old jets to play for this team. Check out this article I came across in our flight connections today. We talked about cap space for years on this forum, some understand this and what has to be considered. I sometimes forget myself.

So given that we are not a good as we thought in cap space given our situation, we need to build on real needs first. We need a solid Oline to compete. On the defensive side we need an edge rusher, to make our Dline dominant. Realizing that all our needs may not be meet in the draft, or those we draft who we think fills that need, but may be a bust, we must be smart on how we approach free agency.

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